Amount Payable under the Revised Resale Levy Policy

First Subsidised Flat Type Amount of Resale Levy Payable under the Revised Policy (From 3 Mar 2006*)
2-room $15,000
3-room $30,000
4-room $40,000
5-room $45,000
Executive Flat $50,000

*only applicable for those who submit their resale application and book a 2nd subsidised flat on/after 3 March 2006.

Amount Payable under the Previous Resale Levy Policy

Below are the charges under the Previous Resale Levy Policy, i.e. based on resale price or 90% of market valuation, whichever is higher:

Flat Type Resale Levy payable by family grant recipient +Resale Levy payable by singles/half grant recipient
2-room *10% / 15% *5% / 7.5%
3-room 20% 10%
4-room 22.5% 11.25%
5-room & Executive 25% 12.5%
*2-room flat sellers pay a lower rate, i.e. 10% or 5%, only if they buy a bigger flat direct from HDB.
+These resale levy rates apply only to sellers of flats previously bought with singles grant and who submit their resale applications on or after 15 Sep 2004